Sunday, January 22, 2012
Packed snow most of the way. Some tricky sections of hard ice on steep inclines. MicroSpikes could be used the entire way with care taken on a steep section just below the summit of Lafayette, one section below the hut on Old Bridle and a couple of sections on the Falling Waters trail. I wore my Tubbs Flex Alp up to the hut. The extra traction helped on a few icy sections below the hut. I then changed to a general mountaineering crampon from the hut to the summit of Lafayette. Although I saw some folks with just MicroSpikes on coming down, I was happy that I had on crampons for that steep, exposed section just below the summit of Lafayette. From just past/below the summit of Lafayette on the north side, to the summit of Little Haystack, I removed my crampons and went with the MicroSpikes because of the exposed rocks making it sometimes dangerous to have crampons on (tripping hazard). From the summit of Little Haystack down the Falling Waters Trail, I put the MicroSpikes on so that I could safety slide down Falling Waters on a little $6 plastic sled without catching a crampon spike on something. "The sliding epic!!" Be careful however as there are many sections were the trail bends with a tree at the bottom of a very steep section when your speed has built up considerably. Lots of fun, but be careful. I could easily see how someone could break a leg or much worse doing this. Helmet recommended. After the sliding, MicroSpikes wore all the way back to the parking lot. Great day!