Date of Hike: 2/15-2/17/2012

Trail Conditions: Below 2500, little snow and ice. As soon as snow reached 1-2 inches on the ground there was a thick layer of ice hiding beneath the snow. The ascent and descents were extremely slippery with many uncontrolled, potentially dangerous falls. Glissading and sliding inevitable. Even rocks that seemed bare and good to step on had a thin, almost invisible layer of ice on them. Off to the side of the trail it was possible (with bare-boots) to kick step, however you'd every once in a while reach a hard piece of impenetrable ice. Any momentum you've gained with your kick steps will be promptly halted. This also left the trail untouched and at 3pm we were still the only footsteps there. We had no crampons and ice axe though and bailed after descending Twin mountain.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes - not needed, Micro-spikes - useful, Crampons and 1 Ice Axe - essential. Someone wrote in the register at Roaring Kills Parking Area: Ice Above Pecoy Notch dangerous, Ice Axe and Crampons required, ice gear would be useful.

Comments: The summits were beautiful and we weren't slipping as much on the flat ground. However be aware, the Devil's Path has many rock outcrops that provide beautiful scenery - these outcrops are JUST AS SLIPPERY. My backpacking companion slipped into helpless turtle position around 10 feet from the ledge. Needless to say we didn't go any closer to any of them. For full review of ascents and descents please go to in the next week. I'll be posting a more detailed review there.

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