Date of Hike: 2/25/12

Trails: York Pond Trail, Bunnell Notch Trail, Kilkenny Ridge Trail

Conditions: New snowfall of about 2-3 inches at the car up to a fluffy 4-5 inches at the summit over a mostly hardpacked trail.

Equipment: Due to the new fluffy snow we wore snowshoes from start to finish. The trail is mostly hardpacked underneath, but it is so warm that barebooters were postholing occasionly. Too many people in bare boots or microspikes will start chewing up the trail if we’re not careful, so I would highly recommend snowshoes right now to keep the trail in good shape.

Comments: It snowed for the whole hike – it was nice to see winter. A family was using the cabin for the weekend and they had it set up quite nicely. Found out that they had done a lot of cleaning up after former occupiers had left a lot of trash. Thank you to those trail angels who clean up after those less responsible.

Jen English

jenglish1 at worcester dot edu

36/48 W-NH4K