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Thread: Colorado's Rocky Mt NP

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    I put a few pics out on Picasa - Old Fall River Road and Flattop Mt - both definitely recommended. The Road has some "interesting" turns - where it was rutted, some cars were bottoming out.

    A really pretty hike is Sky Pond. You pass the Loch and Lake of Glass on the way in - not too much elevation gain, but you're starting at 9K ft. Enjoy every minute of your trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis C. View Post
    Are 4WD SUVs really needed for a lot of the back country roads in the Rockies, in pursuit of CO 14ers, for example? DougPaul, I noted your 2WD comments ....
    The tougher a vehicle and the braver the driver, the closer you can drive to some - the best example is Ellingwood/Blanca/Little Bear where vehicles are strung out for several miles on the roadside as it gets worse with only modified CJ-types making it to the end. Others like Longs Peak have paved access to the best legal trailhead so anything will do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audrey View Post
    One that looks good is a 3-fer: Chapin, Chiquita, and Ypsilon in the Mummy Range, trailhead on the Old Fall River Road.
    I've done this hike and can say it is a fantastic day-hike. Ypsilon is spectacular, there are marmots on Chiquita and there are elk everwhere. A good warm-up hike that isn't mentioned is a hike up towards Longs Peak to Chasm Lake which is at the foot of the spectacular cliff making up Longs diamond face. You get to see the route from there to the summit also. I also recommend the Twin Sisters which has some of the best views of the RMNP and Longs Peak anywhere. Have fun!
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