Date of Hike: May 12, 2012

Trail Conditions: Lost Pond Trail, not listed in title due to limits, was short, dry, and uneventful. Wildcat Ridge Trail was also pretty dry with only tiny bits of mud. It was also ice-free. A couple of blowdowns were noted but nothing really difficult to get by. The Carter-Moriah Trail was pretty much the same as the Wildcat Ridge Trail, though it had slightly more water and mud, probably due to a latter thaw/melt (due to altitude). We also saw a little bit of snow trailside (enough for a snowman) with a couple of platter-size bits of ice in the trail. Also a couple of minor blowdowns. Its minor runoff crossing was easy, though we noticed the slide area was recently in motion, or so it seemed. The Carter Dome Trail, right after the Carter Dome summit, offered up perhaps a hundred yards of significant monorail, and it was surprisingly deep; more than a foot of snow in some places (another snowman was born here). This was odd because sun exposure was pretty good. This was also the wettest, muddiest trail, though still not bad. Nothing that made us say: "ewww, mud." Also a couple of minor blowdowns and one bit of trail erosion alongside the 19 Mile Brook. The two brook crossings were easy. The 19 Mile Brook Trail from the Carter Dome Trail junction was pretty dry and in good shape.

Special Equipment Required: None.

Comments: Fantastic day for a hike, and this was a good one. The Wildcat Trail especially was a nice workout. The Carter Notch Hut area was very pretty. We met lots of nice people. I went with fellow VFTT members BIGEarl, Trail Trotter, and Fitz. They were delightful to be with and, like last time, great trail companions. @BIGEarl: Thank you again for your willingness to extend our hike to include Carter Dome at my request. That was very accommodating. @KV: We got your note... thanks. Glad to hear your hike was awesome too.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
Nottingham NH