Date of Hike: spent the night of 7/20 just inside the trail head, 7/21, 7/22

Trail Conditions: Pretty much dry the whole way. The muddy areas weren't very wet as it had been a little while since the area got much rain. I like the trail's design, it has decent width and is well marked by foot traffic over its 167 year history. I had no problems loosing the trail.

Special Equipment Required: Your typical 1 to 2 night setup with sunny/partly cloudy weather with temps in the mid 70's. 100% deet worked well. Didn't end up using the mosquito head net at all. Made sure to start out with 3L of water since I though I'd have to visit the dry river or rocky branch from Davis to get water. But, I found a small running clear water source about 2 miles south of Mt. Davis that I was able to use my filter at. It's in a grassy swamp area that's in a dip between two local maximums (subpeaks?). You'll notice it when you see a muddy unmarked path that splits to the right. Great location for it.

Comments: Mt. Washington was quite busy. 7mph wind speed with a 54f temp. Hike the whole path to Washington on Saturday, then back down to around the Mt. Davis/Isolation area. Hiked back the the Davis path trail head on Sunday, but not without tagging Isolation, Davis, and Stairs Mts. The camp site on the top of Stairs Mt. looks really appealing.