Tuesday 8/21, weather, mostly sunny and dry, just about perfect. The standard loop, up Blueberry Ledge Trail to Whiteface, Rollins Trail over to Passaconaway, loop over the summit and down via Walden Trail, East Loop and Dicey's Mill Trail. DCM must be the easiest way down of any 4000 footer. Bugs were minimal and not a factor. The trails were very dry with no water issues at all. There was hardly even any mud. The water crossing at the old Dicey Mill site is ia perfectly positioned fallen tree but the river was low enough to rock hop. I want to commend the incredible work done by WODC on the BLT. The stone stairways are marvels of trail engineering, functional and aesthetic, and the water bars are as well built as any I've ever seen. I was asked but did not know, "Which way to Passaconaway summit is steeper? I looked it up and Walden Trail rises 750 ft in the last .7m while the DMT rises 750 ft in .9m. So Walden is steeper which reinforced my impression from descending that way on my loop.