Date of Hike: Friday September 7th

Trails: Lake Road, Alfred W. Weld Trail, ADK Range Trail, Bennies Brook Slide, Southside Trail

Trail Conditions: The parking area for Lake Road is a half mile away from the gate down a dirt road past the golf course away from the main building of the Ausable Club. Alfred W. Weld Trail is in good shape with decent footing, check out the 0.1 side path to Rainbow Falls, it's a must see from the bottom! ADK Range Trail is in the usual shape, steep and rough off Armstrong and Upper Wolf Jaw, one section has a ladder which can be troublesome for the dogs. Bennies Brook Slide has a herd path about 0.2 miles from the summit of Lower Wolf Jaw, the slide is wide open and not to steep except for the last section near the top which can be bypassed into the woods. Southside Trail is fine, there is one section where the trail abruptly ends and falls into Johns Brook, there is a beaten path to the right and then a ladder which takes you into the brook which you walk along for about a tenth of a mile until you're back on a regular path.

Comments: Great day for a hike in the ADK's the Great Range and hiking Bennies Brook Slide is a awesome place! Trip Report & Pictures

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