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Thread: Foliage and a New England 67 in Single Year (2012) Finish: Camelís Hump 9/24/12

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    Foliage and a New England 67 in Single Year (2012) Finish: Camelís Hump 9/24/12

    Trails: Monroe Trail, Long Trail, Dean Trail 7.3 miles. 2700í Elevation Gain

    This was a very nice loop, one I would highly recommend if day hiking Camelís Hump, and a great way to close out my goal for the year. Though a majority of the peaks were solo, I want to thank all those who hiked with me this year and most especially thank those who supported me at home!

    Camel's Hump is one of my favorite peaks on the NE list, and the 1.7 mile segment of the Long Trail heading south off the summit was a real highlight with several unqiue view ledges back and fun scrambles on slick Vermont rock. Details on the trails, a full set of pictures, as well as a quick reflection including the good and scary highlights of hiking the 67 in a year can be found in this weeks Wednesday post at my new blog

    For those trying to find foliage: things on the first two miles of the trail were green, there were some decent yellow and oranges higher up, and the views later revealed some nice color, even some reds, on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. By this upcoming weekend, Sep 29-30, things should be looking pretty nice around the Waterbury/Stowe area.

    Here are just a few pics.

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    John, many congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment! Well done! (Great photos, too! )
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    Ditto!! Looking forward to checkng out your blog.
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