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Thread: Rumford Whitecap loop via Orange Trail and Yellow Trail (13-Oct-2012)

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    Rumford Whitecap loop via Orange Trail and Yellow Trail (13-Oct-2012)

    My friend Zman and I did a loop by ascending via the orange trail, and then descending via the yellow trail. The elevation gain for this hike was about 1,600 ft. There have been some relatively recent re-routes over the course of our loop, and so it's difficult to provide a precise mileage. Our round-trip travel is guesstimated to be somewhere between 5 to 6 miles. We did not run a GPS track.

    The trails were in good condition, although there are a few places where some additional blazing would be helpful.

    The hike to Rumford Whitecap exceeded our expectations! It was a pure delight to roam over 130 acres of open ledges which are beautifully interspersed with colorful blueberry bushes, conifers, and a variety of sub-alpine flora. As the autumn colors begin to fade in many regions of northern New Hampshire, this was a fantastic way to close out the prime foliage season.

    My BLOG has some photos taken during this hike.
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