For those fans of Darn Tough Socks, the annual factory sale is going on this weekend and next weekend in Northfield VT. It is right up the road from Norwich University and not that far from I-89. This is a real popular sale with Vermonters and waiting in line is part of the deal. Basically any darn tough sock irregular or second you can think of is at least half retail price. They also make a lot of private label socks, including LL Bean. They also supply the US army with Merino Wool socks with the similiar blend of fibers as Darn Tough Socks. The military socks appear to be the best deal, 12 pairs for $18 for seconds.
Its real hard to figure out what makes the socks seconds.

I have slowly been switching over from Smart Wool to Darn Tough as I like to support local manufacturing if at all possible plus their lifetime guarantee is pretty attractive. The actual corporate name of the buisiness is Cabot Hosiery Mills, and everything is made in Northfield VT.

For those trying to locate the place, remember Norwich University is not located in Norwich VT (which is 45 miles away). One you are in Northfield there are plenty of signs.