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Thread: Hiking Food Suggestions for Winter, Above Treeline

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    For day hikes or extended backpacking trips, summer or winter, my usual trail lunch is some kind of hard sausage (hard salami, sopressata, etc.), cheese (sharp cheddar, usually), and crackers of some sort. Sometimes something green, cucumbers, celery, pickles. Come to think of it, that's often what I eat for lunch at home as well. Candy of some sort is especially good in winter when you need extra sugar energy.

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    In addition to what many of you seem to carry (cheese, pepperoni, etc. ) I found that leftover pizza seems to work pretty well in the winter. Sometimes I'll make an extra pizza so that I have leftovers for the next day's hike. I also like citrus fruit, an idea I got from a hiking partner. I peel it, separate it in sections and ziplock bag it at home. On some hikes, I've had the citrus freeze, but even frozen citrus tastes pretty good and is a nice fresh break from some of the heavier sweet foods like GORP and bars.
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    And for those who gain sustenance from Hostess Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs, Donettes and Devil Dogs, Sno Balls and a host of epicurean delights - stock up. They'd filed for bankruptcy protection and announced today they're going out of business. Stock up now - their stuff has so many preservatives it never goes stale (if you can call it that).

    OTH - if a few more states legalize marijuana, maybe someone will revive the brand.

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    Just returned from a trip to Wegmans, and can't believe I forgot to mention a winter favorite....fruitcake! Just make sure to slice it beforehand, and put a few slices in a baggie. Lots of carbs...and wicked good, especially if you have that Thermos of hot tea!
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    Just the thing in the winter: canned fish from Maine. Be sure to bring a tight container to keep the oil out of your pack when done ... and a weapon to defend your lunch from thieves. Do NOT open the can in bear territory if you're camping overnight and they're still out and about ...
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