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Thread: RIP Porkchop, The Hiking Hound

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    RIP Porkchop, The Hiking Hound

    All those who have hiked with Joe Commuzzi have fond memories of Porkchop, The Hiking Hound. He passed away on Thanksgiving.

    He will be missed by those of us who knew him.

    Tribute to Porkchop.

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    So sorry to hear about Porkchop. Joe told me this spring that Porkchop had done the NH 48 six times and the ADK 46 once. That made him one of the premiere hiking dogs of the North East.

    Well done Porkchop, Happy trails.
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    Porkchop looks like a well loved member of the family. Wonderfut tribute.
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    What a beautiful dog and outstanding mountaineer.
    I am so sad for your loss. He had a wonderful life no doubt about it, the very best a dog good ask for. I extend to all who loved Porkchop my deepest sympathy.

    Here is a little poem for you.

    "As I walk across you heart
    and find my place to stay,
    nearer to you I will be
    and never will go away."

    ~ A dog name Quackers (for his dog parent)

    Maddy-Molly- Tucker
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    I did my first Presi Traverse in the company of Porkchop (and Paprika). What a wonderful dog, I still think of him while hiking in the Whites. I'm sure he has inspired many hikers, both two- and four-legged. His spirit will live on. Happy trails, Porkchop, on your next adventure.

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    RIP Porkchop, never met him but he sounds like an awesome hiking dog. Look up my dog Sierra porkchop she loved to hear your story's. Ive only had one dog ( ok now I have another one) when I lost my dog ( Sierra) is was tough, man was it was tough. If only our pets shared our life expectency. The thing that got me through it, every time I thought of her being gone, I shut out that thought and replaced it with a thought of us doing something together and having fun, it works.

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    My deepest sympathies to the Commuzzi family. Godspeed, Porkchop, your feet will always walk silently though the mountains beside your partner.
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