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Thread: Puzzle Mountain via Grafton Loop Trail 12/6/2012

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    Puzzle Mountain via Grafton Loop Trail 12/6/2012

    Thanks so much to the handful of folks here who responded to my questions about Puzzle Mountain. Perfect, spectacular, late season hike.

    The Woodsum Loop (or "Loopette", but I am not sure I like that word) is a truly cool trail with fantastic views and ledges throughout. It has a lot of climby areas and I bet it will soon be a delicious and treacherous icy mess. There was some ice last week; any more and it's going to be interesting!

    Also wanted to take a minute to point out just how new and narrow the Woodsum Loop is. There is spectacular lichen all around on it and I deeply hope that it will remain as such! The trail crunches over bits of it, but as long as people stay on the trail, which should be pretty easy and appealing, it isn't terribly damaging, in my opinion.

    I hope we VFTTers will do our part as leaders when we bring our friends and meetups and such to this location in the future. Talk to people about lichen, erosion, wear&tear, trail work, etc. Talk about obvious stuff like where you put your feet, how to walk on rocks and not vegetation. It seems obvious to us, but most people don't think about it. I think awareness is the most valuable thing we can give back.

    Trip report and photos here!:
    0/1 NH48-THRU

    Trek For Peace

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    Thanks for the write-up and the reminder. Very nice report.
    It's only 0.2 how bad could it be?

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    I totally agree with you on sharing things like how to use the trail and still protect the environment. Nice post and report.

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