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Thread: Fastest way to Conway?

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    Fastest way to Conway?

    What's the fastest way to get to Conway from Rt. 93? I'm used to going up and around the Whites (Rt. 115, Rt. 2, etc) but there must be a faster way to get to Conway. I have to pick up some boots at IME before going up Washington.

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    I 93 Icing

    Slight deviation form original question it my imagination or is I-93 more prone to black ice (esp. around Plymouth) than Rte 16? Wondering if Rte 16 is a "safer" option given the recent spate of freezing rainy weather. Almost had a one-to-one meeting with The Big Guy recently when I drove onto black ice in this area last week.

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    Dugway Road is dead; long live Passaconaway Road

    Both ends of the former Dugway Road, at the Kanc and at West Side Road, are signed "Passaconaway Road" these days. The only mention of "Dugway" that I could find along the length of it was for the Dugway Picnic Area.

    Now I think I'll go bug the AMC to bring their maps and WMG into the 21st century too.
    I am Geezer; hear me roar!

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    mongoose: I usually just bite the bullet and head up 95 to Rt 16 (Spaulding T'Pike) at the split in Portsmouth. It is a long ride... I've also used sp1936 way, and it took me just about the same time. I prefer Rt 16, YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherpaKroto
    mongoose: I usually just bite the bullet and head up 95 to Rt 16 (Spaulding T'Pike) at the split in Portsmouth.
    I never used to think this was the fastest way, but this weekend I may have finally been conviced. It's fairly quick once you get past Rt 25 and you avoid potential weather problems going over the Kanc.


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    Goose - if you mean from 93 ABOVE Manchester, i always just peel off on rt. 3 right after Cannon then turn right/east on 302 at Twin Mt./Foster's. You have to backtrack through Crwaford Notch and Bartlett, but it seems faster and more direct than jumping off at Ashland exit and winding your way through the lake hamlets (the way i was originally told to go many years ago)...

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    Since I am still kinda new to hiking and driving in NH (And since I just looked at a map and realized that Gorham isn't by Franconia Notch.) Doh!!!

    What is traffic like taking Rte 93 up to Rte 3 then Rte 115 - By that I mean, are we basically speaking of getting stuck behind an 88 year old couple doing 35 in a 55 mile zone or is it streams of hundreds of cars and backed up traffic.

    Also, Anybody else coming from Leominster/Sterling Area? (Mark151, I think you are from this region, yes?) is it quicker to take Rte 13 up to Manchester to get on Rte 93 or take Rte 2 and then 495 up to Lowell to Rte 93. I only drove this once on my way to Moosiluake early on the day after T-day, so I don't really know what regular Massachusetts traffic is like around here.

    Oh, and PS what is it like on 5PM on a Thursday evening - Should I add 2 hours to the mapquest time of 3.25 hours?

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    I agree with arm.

    I could tell you the fastest ways to get to any of the mountains from 93, avoiding Conway. But I couldn't really tell you how to get to Conway the easiest.

    From what I have experienced, in the summertime, the Kanc to Bear Notch to 302 to 16 is the best way to get to North Conway. Not sure about this time of year.

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