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Thread: First timer, some questions...

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    First timer, some questions...

    My friend and I plan to ascend our first ever adirondack peak during the winter this coming weekend (we've done summer/fall stuff). We're going someplace in the Lake Placid region, Ampersand is an option (how much traffic does it get in the winter?), any other good mountains to do nearby? As this is our first time snowshoeing a peak, it has to be suitable. Or any other general advice, thanks.
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    Ampersand is a good choice. My wife is an beginner/intermediate and did fine on snowshoes last year. Great mountain. Mt. VanHoevenburg from South Meadow Road is another good choice. A little easier.

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    We really enjoyed Scarface 2 years ago. Kind of a long approach, but it was a great hike with good views. Not too steep/difficult in snow. The trailhead is between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

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    Mt. Jo would probably be another good choice. If you want a 4Ker Porter would be a good choice. (6 Miles RT, 1800ft elevation gain) I would stay away from Cascade right now, due to the exposure.


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    Cascade or Porter

    I agree with Porter. My first winter ascent was Cascade, it's a great climb with plenty of spots that level out to rest, which is good for the beginners.
    The downside of cascade is that it's a baldface mountain with no protection and depending on how icey is its - you may need crampons. I've always been able to do it with my snowshoes on but it's not the best for beginners. Porter via the Garden would be a nice trek - very little traffic that way, most people come over from the Cascade ascent.

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