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Thread: Washington State - 2012

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    Post Washington State - 2012

    I'm sharing some photos and text from hiking in Washington state. I live out here now, but am originally from Maine and spent most of my life hiking the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. I post infrequently here.

    Camp Muir- April 22, 2012

    The goal since I moved out here 2 years ago has been to summit Rainier. I got closer this year.

    Deception Creek- June 9, 2012

    During the summer, I volunteer as a wilderness ranger in the Skykomish District of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. It's a nice break from the office job. Unfortunately it begins in Junuary. Snow persists as it soaks in the cold rain.

    Teanaway Ridge- June 24, 2012

    Not every trip was a Skykomish excursion. Sometimes I visited east of the Crest.

    West Fork Foss Lakes- July 21-22, 2012

    This was one of three trips for me up the Foss. The themes would be spectacular views, cleaning up trash, putting out campfires, asking people to put their dogs on leashes, digging toilet holes, performing light trail maintenance, and handing out wilderness permits.

    West Fork Foss Lakes- July 28-29, 2012

    Including Malachite Lake.

    Lake Valhalla- August 4, 2012

    Buckhorn Mountain- August 5, 2012

    Skykomish one day. The Olympics the next.

    Mt Adams- August 11-12, 2012

    It was a nice consolation prize.

    North Fork Skykomish, Pacific Crest Trail-South, & West Cady Ridge- August 18-19, 2012

    Necklace Valley to La Bohn Gap Attempt- August 23-26, 2012

    The wrong way.

    West Fork to Above Lake Chetwoot- September 1-3, 2012

    End of summer.

    Ancient Lakes- December 1, 2012

    Even in winter, there's a lot of diversity to explore.

    Now hopefully I've earned good karma for another thread I am going to post.

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    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.
    A walk through the forest, a hike to a summit, a meander along the brooks: Communing with the natural world helps me find an inner peace that soothes my soul.
    NH 48/48
    working on 2nd and 3rd time summits of the NH 48's and the NH winter 48
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    You're welcome.

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    Beautiful photo's, great scenery! Great post.

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    Thanks for posting those pics. Have been in a couple of those spots myself.

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    I recommend them all. There's so much to explore out here.

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    Wow- great share, Cyohman! We fell in love with the Pacific Northwest this fall when we visited Olympic Natl Park. Hope we can make it back one day to see & experience more? :-)
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    Oh, there is a lot more. You've merely scratched the surface. :] I've only scratched a little bit more.

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    Fellow northeast expatriate here living in the PNW. You should check out
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    I already do. I also pass through Monroe often.

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