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Thread: Catskill Advice

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    Catskill Advice


    This sunday I'll be heading to the Catskills for the first time. I'm looking to climb a mountain with decent views, and also one that is pretty well traveled as the snow is more apt to be packed down. I'd like the hike to be under 4 hours or so roundtrip.

    Right now I'm leaning toward a 4,000 foot peak-- maybe Slide or Hunter.

    Also, if anyone can recommend any picturesque drives for this time of the year

    Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hunter would fit the bill (as it has a climbable fire tower)... They should have some snow on the ground as it snowed here last night but who knows by tomorrow, your packed down criteria might not even be necessary.

    As far as trailheads go, the Spruceton Road way (from the west) is generally the easiest but a bit longer of a drive. Becker Hollow is the shortest and easiest to get to for most folks coming from the NYS Thruway (I-87).

    picturesque Drive, I'd say take exit 21 (cairo) and follow Rt 23 to Rt 32 South (mcdonalds on the opposite corner) and take that to Rt 23A. Make a right onto Rt 23A at the traffic light and follow that to Palenville and go up Kaaterskill Clove which is pretty (may even see ice climbers if they are out). Then follow that all the way to Tannersville and SR214 and make a left to Becker Hollow trailhead..

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