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Thread: Hedgehog & Lower Wolfjaw - 12/24/12

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    Hedgehog & Lower Wolfjaw - 12/24/12

    I climbed Lower Wolfjaw yesterday from the Rooster Comb parking lot in Keene Valley. Just a dusting of snow at the trailhead, but once I reached 3000', it pile up quick with over a foot on the summit. Nobody had been on the trail, so I got a workout breaking trail my first time out this winter on showshoes.

    Great day to be out. I thought about continuing to Upper Wolfjaw, but I was tired and didn't want to come out after dark on Christmas Eve.

    See my pics and the full trip report at:

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    Sounds like you had a fun outing.
    A walk through the forest, a hike to a summit, a meander along the brooks: Communing with the natural world helps me find an inner peace that soothes my soul.
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