The Crawford path is a hard packed expressway from both the AMC center and Mt. Clinton parking all the way to the Webster Cliff trail. All stream crossings were bridged. The trail was not concrete, there were foot prints and snowshoe prints but no post holing if one stayed on the track. The difficulty was getting past people on the narrow trail and it was easy, even with snowshoes, to sink up to your knees if you stepped off the trail. The short stretch of the Webster Cliff trail to the summit was mostly blown clear with a hard crust under foot. I noticed that once beyond the summit the snow picked up again.

The traffic today was about 50/50 snowshoes, bareboots. One small elderly group was complaining bitterly about barebooters, but it was a lost cause today and not truly justified on the hard packed trail.

The day was overcast but clear and the views of Washington were excellent. The snow laden trees as you neared the tree line were spectacular. There was a light to moderate wind on the summit. The snow started just as we got back to the car.

The super smooth trail made for good traveling and the descent was particularly fast, much faster than in the summer.

We met a lot of great VFTTers today and not one person asked if we were Tom and Atticus.