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Thread: Mt. Isolation - 1/2/2013

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    Mt. Isolation - 1/2/2013

    Manicured packed powder from bottom top, inclusive of the standard bushwhack from the Rocky Branch height-of-land to the Isolation Trail, and the bushwhack to bypass the first two of the upper three stream crossings on the Isolation Trail. The sole remaining crossing warrants care, but is easy.

    Special Equipment Required: Optimal for snowshoes from bottom to top. If you start with bare boots, be sure to switch at the first sign of post holing. Don't forget face protection and goggles.

    The New Years Day group broke things out as far as the Isolation Tr/Davis Path junction, including absolutely the finest routing on the primary bushwhack that I've ever experienced. The expansive birch meadows appeared in their full glory, with great views all the way down the Montalban Ridge, including a vivid profile of the Stairs -- and the wooded prelude and postlude were 100% open and easy. Kudos! [John of that group credits Ron Wareing for the route.] Our group took care of the ridge (Davis Path), and enjoyed a gusty (25-45mph) summit with a smooth styrofoam floor -- the famous dip is completely filled in. Temps were around zero. Face protection and goggles were key.

    Cleared some blowdowns as well, within the constraints of what our 6" saw could handle. There are several large ones to skirt in the vicinity of the ridge junction, both above it and below it.

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