This is probably common knowledge to most. But since it's new to me, maybe it will be new to a few others as well. Yesterday was the first time I've road-walked Jericho Road. All other visits to the south terminus of the Rocky Branch trail have been done during summertime conditions when the road is open to vehicular traffic.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was surprised at the abundant evidence of boot and ski traffic on this snow-covered roadway. I have no idea where everyone is going! Perhaps folks just do this walk to be outside and to enjoy the scenery. As for me, I walked to the vicinity of the trailhead in order to launch a bushwhack to a beaver pond in the Otis Brook drainage (some photos are at my BLOG).

P.S. Both bridges (Otis Brook and Rocky Branch) appear to be fully repaired, and signs of boot and ski traffic continued beyond the bridges. Don't know for how far since I wasn't headed in that direction.