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Thread: Mt. Monroe via Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail + Crawford Path + Monroe Loop: 26-Feb-2013

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    Mt. Monroe via Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail + Crawford Path + Monroe Loop: 26-Feb-2013

    Can't really add anything to Lefty's trail conditions report. I traveled the same trails on the same day and experienced the same conditions that he described (see link below).

    I'll just add a trail-conditions "discovery" which is probably common knowledge to most, but it was new to me. Sometimes I'm oblivious to the obvious!

    As anyone knows who has hiked the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail in winter, the steep sections above Gem Pool can sometimes present some traction issues. When XC-skiing, I regularly employ the side-step technique for ascending (and sometimes descending) steep slopes. Up until yesterday, it never dawned on me to use a similar technique to help with negotiating steep slopes when hiking! Duh! The light-bulb finally went on!

    I did some experimenting using my Kahtoola KTS crampons, and then my MSR Evo snowshoes. Side-stepping worked better with crampons. It also worked with snowshoes, but was more awkward. Regardless of the footwear being used, side-stepping worked better than a straight-line frontal approach, at least on this particular day. For other days with different conditions, this technique might be of little help!

    (For anyone unfamiliar with the side-step technique, as it pertains to XC skiing, click HERE for a 27-seconds Youtube video.)

    A report + photos from my Monroe hike are at my BLOG.
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