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Thread: Adams in the Fog

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    Adams in the Fog

    Like a handful of other hopefuls, I hit the Presidential Range again last Tuesday after seeing that the forecast called for an "in and out of the clouds" kind of day. Or at least that was the forecast from the Rockpile.(Interestingly, the Eye On The Sky forecast called for the Presi Range to be IN the clouds for the day. Ahem. Cough.)

    As it was, the mountains preferred to stay fog-bound for the entire day. This made for a rather eerie feel to the hike, nothing like the very social and sunny day just a week ago. The flat lighting made it impossible to see the shape of the fresh drifts crossing the Gulfside Trail, making for lots of unexpected trips and inappropriate language.

    I went to the summit of Adams, propped up my snowshoes against a big rock, and took a 1 hour nap, waiting for it to clear. Although the sun was faintly visible at times, the cloud layer never broke up.

    So all I "got" were a few silly videos. Still a fun day, and the run out the V-way was simply awesome!

    The Panomizer at T-Storm Junction:

    Running Down the V-Way:
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    The first one may be silly but I love that second video! Made an attempt on Adams yesterday and was denied by whiteouts and wind on Gulfside and steeps on Star Lake I was uncomfortable taking Thor on. Sometimes the beauty of not having distant views gives you a better appreciation for what is close at hand. Your video definitely captures this in a very artistic way! Sure shows how cozy the trail is with these snow depths too! Thanks for sharing!
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    I love the video! Thanks for sharing with us.
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    I like the second video alot, well done. I wish more people posted video's like that , we have all seen pictures of everything but the vids put you there imo.

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