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Thread: Bonds-Zealand Traverse - lots of new snow!

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    Bonds-Zealand Traverse - lots of new snow!

    March 16, 2013

    Peaks: 3 Bonds, Guyot, & Zealand

    Route: Lincoln Woods to Rt 302

    Equipment: Snowshoes!

    Mainly want to report on current snow conditions in this area. There is a lot of fresh snow in the higher elevations of Bondcliff and Twinway Trails that fell Fri night/Sat morning. Snowshoes are still very much needed up there.

    There was no track/trough evident AT ALL from upper Bondcliff until meeting a party of 4 near Guyot Shelter Spur. They were doing the same hike in the opposite direction and were happy to see us, and we them. Met one more larger party near Zealand also going thru. LOTS of snow on overhead branches to whack off and tricky trail finding here and there.

    River crossings were not a problem although some on Bondcliff Trail are no longer snowbridged. Icy on early Lincoln Woods Trail. My partner cramponed it; I barebooted and wiped out only once. ;-) We ended up wearing the snowshoes from approximately mile 7 to the finish.

    Congrats to Bernie for finishing his winter Trailwrights peaks on West Bond! (We left your gloves on your truck door handle.)
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