Date of hike: 4-6-2013

Trail Conditions: Mostly bare and dry trail, with small patches of water or mud in just a few spots along the way. One spot past Preston's Notch where drifted and compacted snow is still trying to cling on - the last remnants of Winter 2012-13. Trails clear of all obstructions and easily navigated.

Special Equipment Required: None.

Comments: A great hike today! Met Driver8 along with my mom and my 13 year old daughter Olympic Climber (new name settled on today). Departed the trailhead around 10:15 AM with crystal clear blue skies overhead. Temps were a bit chilly, and the wind along the cliff edges kept a reminder on that it's still not quite spring yet. But it was a comfortable overall hike. Clear views of nearly every possible sight you can spot from Higby, including Sleeping Giant, East Peak and West Peak (including Castle Craig), Chauncey Peak, and Lamentation Mountain. Awesome views from the cliffs of Talcott Mountain, Mt. Tom, and the Holyoke Range in the distance. Clear sight lines to New Britain, West Hartford and Hartford skylines - a picture perfect day to be on the Mattabesett!