date: 4/19/13

trails: long pond (north-south) road, bushwack

conditions: long pond road is gated about 100 yards in from high st. in glencliff just before the first bridge. room to park on the right just before the bridge without blocking the road. the road was still pretty saturated though free of snow and ice. walked the road for a bit over a mile then took to the woods heading northeast to pick up the ridge running south west from clough. the woods were melted out and pretty dry down low with no snow until about 2600 ft. the woods were mostly open hardwoods with some old roads and sections of younger growth most likely from earlier clear cuts. once up on the ridge the woods remained open until around 3000 ft. when the ridge entered wetter and thicker spruce/fir woods riddled with moose paths. snow became more prevalent, but stilll spotty. i hit one large blowdown field a couple tenths from the summit and picked up a moose path that went around it. one section of thick going just before the summit plateau then generally open to the recognized summit. deepest snow of the day was right on top of the peak, but no need for snowshoes as it was only for a couple hundred yards. i descended the same ridge following my tracks in spots, but once in the open hardwoods dropped down more directly to the west back to long pond road.

equipment: i carried snowshoes, but never even considered using them.

comments: a good day to make the trip to mt. clough. warm to start then hiked into a cloud on the ascent around 3000 ft. and it was pretty wet and cool from there to the top. very windy in the open woods and high on the peak. cleared up enough coming down that i could get some views from a couple different patches of blowdown. the number of moose paths and general sign up high was pretty neat to see and the paths were quite helpful in a couple places. i had planned this route with thoughts towards difficult water crossings on the more frequently used route from tunnel brook trail and though the crossings probably wouldn't have been an issue today i still stuck with it. great to be out.