Date of Hike: 4-27-2013

Trail Conditions: Overall, dry and in good condition, brook crossings not too difficult, a couple of downed trees easily avoided except on old section of Race Brook Falls, see below for more details.

Special Equipment Required: Sunglasses and suntan lotion during the current great weather. A few bugs were beginning to come out but no real need for bug spray yet. Current info on the upper section of Race Brook falls.

Comments: My first time up Race Brook in a few years, route is the same until you get to the camp site. I remembered the trail went straight, so off we went. Many downed trees there but not too hard to follow for those who did it often before. Race Brook now goes up through the tent platforms, right by the privy, and it joins the AT right near the typical large puddle on the AT that was between the old junction and Mt. Race. From Everett, you could see snow on the ski slopes of Hunter. Saw some remaining ice on the side of the Race Brook trail (maybe on the old section) that the boys enjoyed seeing.

Mike & Eric K. + Nick & Mike P