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Thread: Carters/ Wildcat One Day Traverse 5/4/13

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    Carters/ Wildcat One Day Traverse 5/4/13

    Date of Hike: May 4, 2013

    South Imp Tr (3.2)-North Carter Tr (1.2)-Carter Moriah Tr (.6)-Middle Carter Mtn-Carter Moriah Tr (1.3)-South Carter Mtn-Carter Moriah Tr (.8)-Zeta Pass (.2)-Carter Dome Tr (.6)-Carter Moriah Tr (.4)-Carter Dome-Carter Moriah Tr (1.2)-Carter Notch Hut-Carter Moriah Tr (.2)-Wildcat Ridge Tr (.7)-Wildcat Mtn-Wildcat Ridge Tr (2.1)-Wildcat D-Wildcat Ski Area Tr ( ~2)-Wildcat Ski Resort Parking Lot

    Trail Conditions: After I dropped my car off at the Wildcat Ski Resort, a friend gave me ride to Southern Imp Trail. I was hoping to finish Carters and catch up with two other friends on Wildcat Mountains somewhere. Imp to Norter Tr was fairly easy and fast. Water was running from every direction, and there was very little to none snow up to this point. I counted 4 blowdowns, all passable but one big one. North Carter Tr to Carter Moriah was about the same with some snow. It was kind of tricky due to soft ice above small brooks. I had to feel the ground before I hopped on it many times. Once I reached Carter-Moriah Tr things were little more different. Soft deep snow slowed things little bit, but still manageable. I tried to stay on narrow packed snow. Story was pretty much the same till Carter Dome. From Hut to Wildcat Mountain was pretty steep and lots of unpacked soft snow. Wildcat Mountain to rest of the way was pretty much the same as Carter Moriah. Down the ski trails was still OK for butt-sledding for 200-300 feet.

    Special Equipment Used: Snowshoes will be helpful on the ridge if you wanna carry them even tough it is manageable without them. I was a bad boy, and finished the whole thing with no traction help at all. Trekking poles were a definite YES for balance on the soft snow and some crossings.

    Comments: I was with my beautiful Xena ( my one year old Black Lab ) all the way to Wildcat Mtn. We caught up with two other friends rabout 10 minutes after Wildcat and finished with them. We saw a couple on Middle Carter, a Canadian French Gentleman on top of Carter Dome, 4 youngsters going up Carter Dome from hut, and another man who was coming down Wildcat. Caretaker, 24 years old Lisa, was a chatty, hard woring employee. She asked me like 100 questions in 30 minutes. I stayed there for about an hour just to humor her. I asked her about the ghost of Red Mac. She wasn`t too sure about that, but she told me about a weasel that sneaks around the hut.

    Baha and Xena

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