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Thread: Wild Things North Conway Closing their doors in North Conway

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    Wild Things North Conway Closing their doors in North Conway

    Not sure how long the link will last

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    I have a very warm coat from them from a number of years ago. Went to the website out of curiosity and it is not made anymore - too heavy and too warm for most applications - I could have guessed it (the coat) wouldn't last.

    I was quite surprised at the quantity of items made for the miitary shown on the Wild Things Tactical site. It looks like there might be some good clothing technology there .... a little pricy.
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    Based on the "service" (attitude) I received when visiting the retail store on two separate visits, this is not a surprise to me.

    Too bad tho, they sure make some great gear.

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    Back in 08/09 when I read about the company being sold I knew it was only a matter of time. I have a lot of clothing from Wild Things and I have been a customer for a long long time. Their gear works wonderfully well for me and I really enjoyed stopping into the store after a long day out. I used to always make a point to stop into Wild Things and Limmer even if it were to just say hello.

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