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Thread: Jefferson to Webster (Caps Ridge, A.T., Loop Trails, Webster Cliff, Webster-Jackson)

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    Jefferson to Webster (Caps Ridge, A.T., Loop Trails, Webster Cliff, Webster-Jackson)

    Date of Hike: Sunday, June 16th

    Trails: Caps Ridge, Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Clay Loop, Crawford Path, Monroe Loop, Eisenhower Loop, Webster Cliff, Webster-Jackson, road walks)

    Trail Conditions: Caps Ridge is in good shape, needs some minor trimming back in a few spots but the trail is clear and easily followed, cairns in good shape. Jefferson Loop, Gulfside, Clay, Monroe, Eisenhower Loops in perfect shape. Crawford Path is in great shape as usual, some minor mud between Eisenhower and Pierce but not as bad as in past late springs. Webster Cliff Trail is in good shape. Webster Link of the Webster-Jackson Trail is in good shape, after junction there's some mud, slippery roots, and eroded spots but improves greatly over last mile. Mount Clinton Road is in good shape for driving because it's paved. Jefferson Notch Road has a couple of bad potholes and the road seems narrower than last summer, fine to drive though, just be careful and some of the places to pull over so two cars can get by one another have some nasty deep mud / soft spots that could give a smaller car issues.

    Comments: Weather was great and the rain held off until around 3ish. Views from the Presi's never get old! Report / Pics

    Name: Chris

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