Date of Hike: June 19, 2013

Trails: Hale Brook, Lend-a-Hand, Twinway, Bondcliff, and Zealand Trails

Trail Conditions: The Hale Brook Trail was in decent shape albeit wet and avoidably muddy in places, and there were a couple of easy-over blowdowns. The crossings were easy. The Lend-a-Hand Trail was likewise in good shape and also avoidably muddy in places. The Twinway Trail to the Bonccliff junction had a few slightly muddy patches but was in otherwise great shape, and someone had been doing work on it I could tell (thanks). Love that trail. The Bondcliff Trail was great, at least as far as the Bondcliff summit. The Zealand Trail was a treat at the end of a long hike and in great shape. The unbridged crossings were easy. We also took several spur trails: Zeacliff Pond, Zeacliff, Zealand summit, and Guyout tentsite (for water) and all were decent minus small patches of mud. The one real exception would be the spur to Zeacliff Pond as it was wetter than most and pretty brushed-in near the pond.

Special Equipment Used: None.

Comments: Hike this one with a friend, Debra, who had recently joined one of my Meetup hikes (Tripyramids via the slides). She is working on her first-round 48 and asked for help with the Bonds. I said sure but I decided we should get five for the price of three (all counting for my Grid, plus one TW72) and we came in from Hale side. We exited via Zealand Trail and did the one-mile or so roadwalk back to the Hale Brook trailhead. Totally worth it. We hiked it in 14 hours. I don't know if that's good or bad but it doesn't matter. She held in there and we succeeded. This being, by far, her longest hike ever. Kudos to her for kickin' it!

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
Nottingham NH