Date of Hike: July 6, 2013

Trails: Zealand Trail, Twinway Trail, Zealand Spur, Bondcliff Trail, West Bond Spur, Wilderness Trail, and Lincoln Woods Trail

Trail Conditions: The unbridged crossings on Zealand Trail were easy and barring a tiny bit of mud, this trail was in great shape. The Twinway Trail, Zealand Spur, and West Bond Spur were also in great shape, again barring a little mud. The Bondcliff Trail was likewise in great shape but it offered up greater amounts of mud the lower we went, but nothing we couldn't manage to get past or around with ease. The crossings here, while a bit more challenging, were still quite doable. The Wilderness Trail had fair amounts of mud and one fairly large over-and-around blowdown, but again, nothing we couldn't manage with some care. The crossing here was also quite doable. Lincoln Woods Trail, like the trail above, was also pretty muddy in spots -- probably the worst in one spot -- but were able to get past these patches without getting too dirty. There was one small easy-over blowdown.

Special Equipment Used: Some of us brought trekking poles for the crossings and those who did found them useful. Gaiters helped keep mud and debris out of our boots. Bugs weren't really an issue, though I noted one deer fly. Yikes!

Comments: Hiked this one with handful of VFTTers and friends: Tim (yeah that Tim), Steve, Zack, and Scott; plus Heather (a soon-to-be member), and Roberta who finished her 48 on Bondcliff today. Woo-hoo! Congrats! What a terrific day and what a terrific group. We had lots of fun and seemed to get along quite well enjoying lots of laughs. We encountered a couple of sprinkles, but no sooner did they begin, they ended. Looking forward to the next one, guys!

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
Nottingham NH