I only traveled about a one-mile segment of the Hancock Notch Trail as part of a varied trek that included a couple of different destinations (details and photos are at my BLOG).

A short distance from the parking area for the Sawyer Pond and the Sawyer River Trail, there is an old logging road that heads sort of northwesterly in the direction of The Captain. Near the end of that logging road, it crosses the Sawyer River on a bridge and then continues for only a few hundred yards where the road terminates at what I presume was once a log landing site. From the backside of the log landing there is a faint pathway which is only a few hundred yards in length, and it leads you to a spot on the Hancock Notch Trail that is about a mile from its eastern terminus at the Sawyer River Trail.

Of course, I can only speak about the approximate 1-mile segment of the Hancock Notch Trail that I travelled westward from my point of entry. However, it was in great shape, and it had just recently been maintained. There was fresh evidence of brushing and removal of downed trees from the trail.

Okay, that was the good news, the other news (which is really old news) is that portions of the Hancock Notch Trail sustained significant damage in August 2011 when Mother Nature threw a temper tantrum in the form of Tropical Storm Irene. There are some sections of the trail along the Sawyer River where there is still evidence of washouts and erosion caused by this storm. However, the trail maintainer/crew has done a fabulous job of making the trail easy to follow in those storm-damaged sections.