As part of a trek to off-trail destinations within the Nash Stream Forest, I hiked 1.6 miles along the unnamed trail (described in the White Mountain Guide as a "connecting path") between Christine Lake and the Bald Mountain Notch Trail.

Since there are only infrequent reports about the condition of this corridor, I thought it might be of interest to know that conditions along this pathway are good (no blowdowns, mostly dry, good footing). However, there are no signs or blazes to guide you. Basically, you just keep heading in a northerly direction from the Christine Lake area, and simply ignore any trails, roads, paths that diverge to your right or left. By so doing, you'll eventually arrive at the western terminus of the Bald Mountain Notch Trail.

My off-trail destinations included the summit of Bald Mountain, as well as a ledge located near the south spur of Long Mountain.

Some photos are at my BLOG.