Trails: Mount Osceola Trail and bushwhacks.

Mount Osceola Trail is in fine shape. Some muddy sections but nothing excessive. No blowdowns. Had to park on the road as lot was full at 10 AM.

Special Equipment: eye protection came in very handy for BW. Bug spray may have been a good option at one or two places but they were fine on the trail while moving. I suppose pants would have been a good option but unless the brush is really thick, I prefer shorts.

Comments: Another perfect summer day with warm temps and a breeze. Clouds mixed with sun and threatened a storm that never came. Summit ledge was not as busy as usual although I spent little time there and headed into the brush pretty quickly. Whack was awesome. Spent most of my time in the brush. PM me for details on that if you like.

I had not been by the tent sites on Tripoli Road on a weekend in quite a while. OMG.