Lower elevation trails leaf covered, watch for hidden ankle twisters. Ore Bed Brook Slide fun and much less steep than it looks from a distance. Wet rock low down is very slippery and can be avoided. The steep part has a wall halfway up it and we went to the left. A move or two on wet rock above that, but mostly dry. We bushwhacked for 12 minutes after the top of the slide, trending left and came out at the trail about 30 seconds from the summit. All other peaks mostly dry with occasional short muddy sections. Cables part of Gothics was dry. A couple awkward bits coming down from the Wolfjaw junction due to steepness and wet sections.

Special equipment: long sleeves and trousers for the bushwhack. We used climbing shoes for the steep part of the slide, and found it easy with them. We found the slide much easier than the Trap Dike and slide due to 3 factors: the crux move on the dike is more difficult than any moves on the Ore Bed Slide, on the Colden slide there's a wide swath of unavoidable mud that was very slippery in rock shoes, and topping out on the Colden Slide was a bit dicey due to wet rock and mud at the very top.

Amazing day, long day, we were happy to have made it back in time for the second to last shuttle.