The trails to these two ledges were in excellent shape. However, it should be mentioned that although the trailhead is located right on Rt. 26, it is a bit obscure. On the day of my hike, the only indication of the trailhead was a rather rudimentary handwritten sign stuck into the ground on a wooden stake.

I did this hike as a 2.8 mile loop. For the return leg of the loop, it involved a 1.1 mile walk along Mann Road and a 0.2 mile walk along Rt. 26. The road walk was pleasant enough. However, for any future hike at this location, most likely I'll forego the road walk and simply use the same route for both the outbound and inbound leg of the trek.

Lapham Ledge is definitely worth a visit, but in my opinion, Bucks Ledge provides views that are better. From Bucks Ledge, there are excellent views overlooking North Pond, South Pond, as well as Bryant Pond a bit further to the southeast. This ledge also provides views of peaks in Evans Notch and the White Mountains beyond. However, these views were mostly obscured by overcast conditions on the day of my visit.

The trail used to access Bucks Ledge and Lapham Ledge is fully described at the Main Trail Finder website.

Photos are at my BLOG.