October 19, 2013: Headed up Gordon Pond Trail on my way to Eliza Brook Shelter. Gordon Pond Trail was in great condition and easy to follow except for one point very early on where you need to go straight through a high gate across the forest road. There are a few bottomless mud pits along the trail close to the pond. The pond looks like a great place to camp with several sites that are readily apparent tucked in along the shore. Overall it does not appear to be too heavily used. Continuing on along Kinsman Ridge trail to Eliza Brook Shelter enjoying the late fall afternoon, encountering no one along the way. The shelter continues to be in great shape, and the camp sites look good too. In the morning I summited South Kinsman. There was a little snow in the cracks, but no ice. The snow was probably gone by noon. The return hike was as enjoyable.