Not sure which state to put this in

Time: Sun, NOV 3rd
From: Mt Frissell trailhead at the MA/CT border, parking at the AMC Northwest Cabin parking lot.
Route: Out to Brace Mtn and back with a loop on the east side of the road to Bear Mtn (CT) Passing by the summit of Frissell and also the CT state highpoint. Both have ammo boxes as registers.

Trails are in good shape, just a bit leaf covered now that it is fall. Somewhat new sign on the Ashley Hill trail/Mt Frissell trail junction. Nothing crazy to report.

Mt Washington Road from the Mt Washington HQs to Salisbury is in travelling shape, I've seen better, I've seen worse. It is slow going if you drive a regular sedan with no clearance but still fine. Coming from the north via 344 and Bash Bish falls is recommended if you have a low clearance vehicle as the trailhead is closer to the north and the road condition is better. Just need to have a good map or be familiar with the turns or GPS.

Summits were chilly with the breeze but could easily see Mt Greylock from Brace and Riga Lake as well as Twin Lakes in CT. Ran into a few other groups too. Trails are mostly dry despite a little sprinkle Saturday afternoon. No sign of ice on the trail at all.