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Thread: Phelps Mountain

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    Smile Phelps Mountain

    Date of Hike: Saturday, December 21st

    Trails: Van Hovenberg, Phelps Trail

    Trail Conditions: YIKES! Started off with bare ground and ice for the first half mile, then a mix of slush, water, snow, and ice from there on out. The crossing of the Phelps Brook was snow-bridged but I wouldn't count on that lasting through another warm day. Heading up to Phelps it was 'Layer Cake' conditions; a couple inches of standing water, with a couple inches of slush on top, and a couple inches of snow on top of that. I put on Microspikes early and kept them on until I started punching through the slop heading up to Phelps, then I put on snowshoes, which helped but I still fell into the slop. Kept those on most of the way back to the car.

    Special Equipment: light traction, snowshoes

    Comments: Really bizarre weather the past 24 hours up here, got to love it!! :P Report / Pics

    Name: Chris

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