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Thread: Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge (Zander Scott and East Trail)

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    Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge (Zander Scott and East Trail)

    Date of Hike: Monday, December 23rd

    Trails: Zander Scott, East Trail

    Trail Conditions: Bare ground, ground cover ice, and ice flows in the woods parts of the trail to Giant . On the exposed sections along the ridge it's mostly bare slab and ice patches. Between Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge there is a lot of ice descending to the col for the first few tenths of a mile, then it was unstable snow to the col and up to Rocky Peak Ridge. The snow will be frozen solid after today though as the temps plummet. unless someone came through after me and punched through there will not be too many nasty frozen postholes.

    Special Equipment: Light traction was fine and will be until the next significant snowfall....UPDATED 12/26, more hikers have been up there the past two days and recommended crampons, so use caution and bring more than just light traction.

    Comments: Got some unexpected views up to the BUMP, so that was a plus. Can't wait for the snow to blanket these trails, though. Report and Pics

    Name: Chris

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