All trails broken out hard packed with various amounts of fresh powder on top up to 2Ē near Willey. Soft Ice on steeps of Avalon trail coming down from Field. No snow bridges over crossings, the two crossing bigger then step overs were easily negotiated rock hops (at least on the way back in daylight). I think there only two easy step over blow-down but donít recall where.

Equipment: I wore spikes from TH to Tom to Field then Shoes over to Willey and back (but not needed). I started with shoes down Avalon but changed back to spikes at the steeper sections after some very long but well controlled butt slides. The exposed ice on the steep sections was fairly soft but crampons would still probably be better than spikes. Many people coming up while I was descending had crampons.

Comment, I started this hike early (0350) and didnít see anyone until I got to Willey but crossed over a dozen hikers coming up Avalon as I was going down. Judging by the parking lot probably many more going to Tom via A-Z.