Date of Hike: Saturday, January 25th

Trail Conditions: Powder over a packed base and some ice. Most of the treacherous ice from the past month is now not an issue as it's buried, but still found underneath in a few spots. There is a bypass around one of the rebar sections that goes up and around to the left. Higher up it was windy so tracks were quickly disappearing over the last mile. above treeline has wind drifted snow in spots, typical winter Moose conditions!

Special Equipment: We got by on light traction but could have put on the snowshoes. So either

Comments: Finally felt like a true winter hike from start to finish! Great hike up the steep Beaver Brook Trail with Alton, Kara, Sasha and Cole. Saw another group out there enjoying the Beaver Brook trail, too. Report / Pics

Name: Chris