Date of Hike: Saturday, February 1st

Trails: Lincoln Woods, Bondcliff, West Bond Spur

Trail Conditions: Lincoln Woods was well packed, you can bareboot it with ease. Bondcliff Trail is snow covered but some rocks still stick up between the first and second crossings of the Black Brook. After that mostly everything is covered but still low levels of snow for mid winter. There were some drifts in the woods above the last water crossings but snowshoes were still not needed. Bondcliff's ridgeline was a mix of snow, rocks, and wind drifted snow. Just below Bond to West Bond you can wear your snowshoes or light traction it. Snowshoes are a good option but I only post-holed three times so boots are fine, too. Whatever works for you go with it. Water crossings were 90% bridged.

Special Equipment: light traction

Comments: Lucked out with perfect weather, barely any wind on the ridge. A very special place in the winter when the weather, high clouds, a mix of hazy colors, and a frigid sun! Click here for Pictures

Name: Chris