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Thread: Winter Six Husbands Trail Question

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    Winter Six Husbands Trail Question

    Hi there!

    I've hiked Six Husbands Trail in the Summer and Fall many times, but I'm wondering how the trail changes in Winter - particularly the ladder section and the ridge climb above the ladders.

    Anyone here climbed this trail in the winter? I'd assume ice ax and crampons are a must. What about a rope? Is it an ice climb during the cold months?


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    See post #19. I've read a lot of trip reports on VFTT... this one is tough to beat.

    Trip pictures

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    Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out. That is quite a difference in winter. Those ledges above the ladders were just snow piles! Really cool.
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    Four of us did it in January 2005. Snippet from my journal:

    "After squeezing through the rock cave on the lower Six Husbands Trail, we strapped on crampons for the real steep sections and the icy ladders. The two lower ladders were pretty easy. The third and final ladder topped out on an exposed, sloped, icy rock ledge which required care to negotiate. Acrophobics would really not like this section. Everyone but me (being the wimp of the group) did this with their packs on. Worried that the weight of my pack would throw me off balance, I removed mine and passed it up to Cruddytoes. There was one more sort of tricky ledge, but from that point on it was smooth sailing!"

    We hit Jefferson and Adams that day and descended Madison Gulf which was nearly as challenging as Six Husbands. On a few particularly steep sections, I remember turning around and frontpointing down.

    Bring crampons and ice axe (duh), and check the avalanche forecast before heading out. As you hit treeline, the slope above you is avalance prone, I think.

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