date: 2/15/14

trails: high st., north south road, bushwhack

conditions: parked in the glencliff trail parking lot. lot was unplowed, but has been packed down by numerous cars. we missed noting the winged out area down near the start of north south road that would have allowed us to skip the short walk on high st. north south road was untracked in the morning with 6-8 inches of heavy powder snow. snowmobiles had packed it down by afternoon. we continued up the road until the 3rd bridge where the road crosses back over to the west side of the brook and started our bushwhack up the southwest ridge of clough. off the road we were punching in over a foot as we worked our way up through open hardwoods for about 2/3 of the climb. snow depths increased higher up with with 2-3 feet in sections with waist deep wallowing as the woods got scrappier and we worked around a couple blowdown patches and stretches of spruce up to the summit ridge a short walk from the highpoint.

equipment: snowshoes.

comments: nice to have some real depth snow in the woods. it was a slow slog up, but the snow packed down nicely underfoot which made for a quick descent. clouded up and snowed a bit so not much in the way of views from the open woods and blowdown areas. thanks to jeremy and amy for a good hike.