Date of Hike: March 2, 2014 (also went up on 2/28)

Trail Conditions: All trails were well broken out in typical MW fashion. No blowdowns aside from that perpetual one part way up the steeps. The fixed rope at the "Hillary Step" is back. Seems like there's a battle going on. The pros to it are that some people can use it if they want to, but the cons are it allows access to part of the mountain that perhaps shouldn't be so easy to get to. Above treeline the under-slab crust is thinner now, less hazardous to the shins. Pretty easy going up there. No rime, last rain ruined it, new sastrugi snow forming, but no elaborate designs today. Tucks seems to be filling up nicely, above it, though, there needs to be more snow still. Didn't see many skiers on the mountain.

Special Equipment Used: We brought trekking poles, ice axes, crampons, and rope. We used all but the rope.

Comments: Hiked this one as lead for my work. Wicked cool bunch of guys from various locales, all brought together as a team. And together we all battled the elements and earned a summit. It was a grand time. I really enjoy guiding these trips.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH