Route: Kinsman Ridge Trail, Rim Trail

Date: Tuesday, 3/11/14

Equipment: Snowshoes all the way

Conditions: 2-4” new snow over smooth, solid base

Comments: Got a civilized start at 1:15 pm. Wore snowshoes from the bottom due to new (very wet) snow and for traction and televation. At 40 degrees fahrenheit, snow was very sticky for the first quarter mile or so, then much less so thankfully. Conditions were perfect for climbing in snowshoes. I had forgotten how much fun this crappy trail could be during snowy times. Took the Outlook spur for a peek down to 93.

Upper section of Kinsman Ridge Trail to summit was windblown, with deep snowdrifts. There was no evidence at all of the weekend’s foot traffic. This is a windy peak! Kind of socked in w/flat light. Tried to shortcut to the summit from Rim Trail. Do not attempt to do this. (Trust me on this.) Didn’t stay on top for long and did not go inside tram station although a hot drink was tempting...

Descent was fast. Did some butt sliding. It was fun.