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Thread: Chocorua (attempt) via Piper, Weetamoo 3/23/14

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    Chocorua (attempt) via Piper, Weetamoo 3/23/14


    Piper: Parking is $3 at the house - room for 6-9 cars, depending on the thoughtfulness of the drivers. The trail was packed and barebootable, although many people still worse snowshoes.
    Weetamoo: It appears a few people considered barebooting this for the first couple hundred yards but (wisely) gave up. Below 1200' or so it was mostly wet unconsolidated snow. Above that, it quickly changed to unconsolidated powder with a light crust, with steadily increasing snow depths. I would guess there was a good 3-6 feet. One minor duck-under blowdown. Well blazed. Crossings were easy. We made it to about 1700' (~half mile from the Hammond trail, and close to the sharp left turn) before we were forced to turn around by an injury. As such, there were 6 passes with snowshoes, so the trail we made is nicely packed, but not consolidated, and not to the end.

    Special Equipment
    Snowshoes are a must on Weetamoo, even in the packed section. Piper was well packed to the intersection, and since all traffic but ours continued up, I would presume that trend continued. Don't forget the sunglasses and sunscreen!

    Plan was to do a CCW loop using Weetamoo and Hammond, then sled down Piper. Unfortunately my wife lost her balance in deep snow, fell backwards down slope and dislocated her shoulder on a tree. We were unable to relocate it, so we made her a sling, divvied up her stuff, and turned around. She is fine now, and the people at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro were very nice. To make matters more interesting, one of my snowshoes had a complete frame failure about a mile later. I suspect 'Weetaoo' is a Native American curse word.
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